Speaker’s Viewpoint

Speaker's Viewpoint

Speaker's Viewpoint

Greetings to all

We are towards the end of our 2030 mission and vision objectives whereby our introspective and accountability level must be intensified. This suggest that the Council Oversight must be ongoingly strategic, every financial year.
Through our standing committees chaired by the Executive Committee Member (EXCO), the Council has managed to prudently guide and advise the administrative wing. We have witnessed the ongoing compliant seating of the Council whereby crucial decisions were endorsed even through Special Council seatings.
Under Whipery Desk, we have also observed matured respect and relation amongst councillors of this municipality. The other accountable wing to the Office of the Speaker, are the Ward Committees who had been transparently elected in the respective wards through the Public Participation Office. These Ward Committees, ten per ward, represent maximum of ten different sectors according to the needs per ward. Ward Committees have a responsibility to convene their respective sectoral meeting so that issues discussed should be consolidated in the monthly Ward Committee Report. These Ward Committees do account to the communities.
Through this edition, we would like to encourage our communities and stakeholders to fruitfully partake in our Budget & IDP Outreaches to ensure that their views or expectations find expression in the consolidated service delivery document. We also appeal to those who do not reside from Umzimkhulu, yet they are from Umzimkhulu still with burning interests of the betterment of Umzimkhulu to make means towards escalating their views to these seatings.


Till we meet again, stay blessed.

Cllr. Gugulethu Mavuma

Council Speaker