Speaker’s Viewpoint

Speaker's Viewpoint

Speaker's Viewpoint

I wish to extend my greetings to all the inhabitants of Umzimkhulu Municipality especially the Honourable Members of Umzimkhulu Council regardless of their different political affiliation. I am also taking this golden opportunity to wholeheartedly thank the people of Umzimkhulu for their overwhelming support to the Council. Our community stakeholders such as our Traditional Leaders, all government departments that had a meaningful contribution in the War Rooms with special emphasis to our service delivery foot soldiers: Ward Committees and Community Development Workers. Their evident commitment symbolises service delivery commitment and promises enshrined in our mission and vision.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Cllr. Bonakele Kleinbooi former Chief Whip as she undertook her deployment with dignity, Cllr. Mawande Dlamini former AMPAC Chairperson, Cllr. Nkosiphendule Jaca former Chairperson of Community & Social Services Committee for their prudent leadership and they were deployed to lead those committees. I also would like to congratulate Cllr. Sinidisiwe Nkala former Chairperson of Good Governance Standing Committee for new deployment as a Chairperson of Community & Social Services Standing Committee, Cllr. Mhlangabezi Didi former Chairperson of the LED Standing Committee for his new deployment as the Chairperson of Good Governance Standing Committee and Cllr. Manci former Community and Social Services Standing Committee for her new deployment as a Chairperson of LED Standing Committee. The oversight role by the Council of Umzimkhulu could have been flawed if it there was no informed political maturity approach the EXCO Members deployed as Chairpersons of the municipal Standing Committees. The quality of our officials through respective municipal Directors displayed motivating commitments in their entrusted responsibilities.

As progress reports were ongoingly tabled to the Council through Standing Committees via the Executive Committee (EXCO), embarking on the program to physically visit the projects has produced the desired fruits because the Council was able to provide leadership in some reported issues. Monitoring and Evaluation principles, during these project visits, have become the daily norm in the entire institution. As the Speaker who is the Chairperson of the Council, I have developed confidence in reported progress reports whilst ensuring the expression of the Council find itself in the administrative documents.  We have enhanced a unitary, participatory citizenry, answerable to the legislated agencies in accordance with regulated timelines.

In conclusion, I wish to assure our people that as Umzimkhulu Municipality, we commit ourselves to continue delivering quality basic services, we will continue to be found on the ground and will never shy away from our incredible monitoring and evaluation approach for the betterments of our communities.

Till we meet again, I thank you.

Cllr. Gugulethu Mavuma

The Speaker of Council