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Notice of Intention to change the municipality name to Sindiso Jethro Magaqa Local Municipality.

Umzimkhulu is one of the most rural municipalities in KwaZulu-Natal with quite diverse dialect communities. This municipality struggles with revenue generation, it therefore survives through grants. It is not immune to series of societal challenges and infrastructural backlogs, traceable strides had been executed to posture this rural based municipality to be an economically viable by 2030.

Umzimkhulu area is where Umzimkhulu Local Municipality is situated, under Harry Gwala District. Eloquent, prominent and traceable individuals who chronologically descend from Umzimkhulu have been directly and indirectly motivational to this community. It is through their strides and undying spirits that have inspired the community of Umzimkhulu as their undisputed constituency. Umzimkhulu Local Municipality has embarked on an initiative to re-rename Umzimkhulu Local Municipality after Mr. Sindiso Jethro Magaqa.

The KwaZulu-Natal Geographic Name Changing Process, which is supported by KZN Provincial Geographic Naming Committee, as established in terms of Section 2(2) (a) of the South African Geographical Name Council Act No. 118 of 1998 in conjunction with the Local Geographic Name Change Committee are working together to ensure that the Umzimkhulu Local Municipality name change process is conducted in a democratic, efficient, and regulated manner. The public hearings are undertaken in a way that is beneficial to the long-term interests of the community. They will be conducted throughout Umzimkhulu as from 18th April 2023 to 25th April 2023 hence different teams with their leaders who are members of the Geographical Name Change Steering Committee had been established.

It is vitally imperative to declare that this proposed name change is NOT intended to change the name of Umzimkhulu as a town but ONLY the municipal name. To partake on this conscious and treasurable initiative of re-naming Umzimkhulu Local Municipality after one of its service delivery stalwarts, distinct leader and activist all stakeholders are encouraged to submit their comments, recommendations and objections to the Municipal Manager: Mr. C.A.  Ngqoyiya to his email address and Ms. Thandie Konza ( Executive Support Officer in the Office of the Municipal Manager) on 039- 259 5321/ 53 . The closing date for submission of inputs is 26th May 2023.