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Mayoral and Youth in business Breakfast

Umzimkhulu Municipality held a Business Breakfast Meeting at Council Chamber whereby all youth in business and those with interest on starting a business to share journey as a network and get Officials inputs. They were given a platform to present about their business discuss achievements, challenges or burning issues in the sector. Bomi and Buyi in Property Development business presented on behalf of entrepreneurs.

Many Youths in business their companies are not registered it is unfortunate for them to access funding. Zingisa Masiza of local economic Development encouraged youth to register their businesses with SIPC, before banks and other things, as there are processes to follow when applying for funding and attend campaigns in their communities for knowledge retention.

The Presentation from Thobile Mqadi of uMzimkhulu rapid incubator indicated that uMzimkhulu Incubator is Partnered with uMzimkhulu Municipality offer entrepreneurial services for everyone but there are those programs that only cater for Youth, it assists someone with a business idea, offer with the incubation of the period of 36 months, identify Training, managing skills and company branding.  

Department of agriculture directed the presentation to Youth, Females and people living with Disability that the Department is guided by the institution and minded by South African Constitution to provide people with nourishment however let’s not concentrate only on farming, take agriculture as commercial. further stated that for a business to succeed not wait for the government funding you applied for, start with the little capital you have or lend to a bank and such as Zamo Biyela who did not wait for the governments support now he owns 50 Hectors of vegetables distributing to Spar.

There are 150 participants of Youth in Business categorized into sectors Agricultural sector, manufacturing, hospitality, Beautician, ICT. Muzi Fodo under Agricultural Sector highlighted that ‘There is government willingness to support youth in agriculture; however, the information regarding opportunities for youth within government is not available to all the youth thus encouraged youth to join to the agricultural sector they will be able to share or assist each other with ideas and discuss crucial issues about the sector. Amlu Mbabala the beautician stressed out the challenges faced in the sector such as access to funding, lack of equipment, lack of skills. she further mentioned that many of our young people are oblivious to services which are offered by the municipality to assist the youth within the beautician sector thus uMzimkhulu’s has many young people working for foreign people within the beautician sector.

The Municipal Mayor Cllr.J Msiya insinuated that uMzimkhulu municipality vision is to be economically viable by 2030, thus encouraged youth to create database with different categories, more programmes will be initiated to assist young people and this business breakfast meeting will be continuous in order to see achievements.


Leaders of Umzimkhulu paying undevided attention to young lions and lioness.