Municipal Manager’s Viewpoint


Once more it is an honour for us to communicate with our important stakeholders within Umzimkhulu Municipality’s jurisdiction about developmental issues. It should be borne in mind that Umzimkhulu Municipality is a small municipality which solemnly relies very much on the grants. The projects that are implemented are because of the support that we get from National Treasury and Provincial Treasury. The relevance and demand of the catalystic public facility project that had complete and handed over to the Umzimkhulu Municipality by KZN Department of Transport had been proven by the unanticipated disastrous weather that we witnessed during the festive season.

Economically speaking, the presence of the SMME Facility added value towards our plans to further create an enabling environment for activities that will evidently benefit our communities especially those who are in the SMME bracket. You would remember that a rand needs to internally bounce more than four times in order for the economic spin offs to be evident this therefore confirms how the newly built Public Facility and SMME Facility are speaking towards core values . It had a quite significant number of job opportunities that have been created during the construction of the project. The project had to absorb the sub-contractors as part of the implementers in the project. However, the project could not achieve the intended outcomes in terms of emerging contractors.

The municipality’s leadership is pursuing the call of good governance in all respects. We have undertaken a program to visit the projects that are still under construction. The aim is to equip our leadership in advancing their oversight roles. It resonates well with the leadership because they cannot be told about progress or challenges in the projects, and they physically prove the progress. They must contribute and guide towards achieving municipal goals as well as the distinct and excellent services to the communities.

It is always imperative to shed light with the functionality of the MPAC and the Audit Committee. These committees are charged with the responsibility to prevent financial misappropriation and fraud. They do so by alerting the organisation of any elements undermining good governance mission. They are doing that exceptionally well to investigate and make recommendations to council. These structures have done us proud because we did not received regression in the audit opinion. The Unqualified Audit Outcome -with matters , clearly confirms that we are thus far able to account on our expenditure. This further confirms that our program and project expenditures are accounted for yet there are areas whereby we need to improve on. I would like to take this this opportunity to applaud our  officials for ensuring that we do  not disgrace our corporate identity. A dented brand chases possible partners, funders and investors away therefore the pronunciation by Auditor General is treasured.

Now that the said journey had been travelled, we would like to plead with our communities to refrain from vandalising the existing infrastructure because those damages will surely deprive other possible beneficiaries when undertaking the process to repair.

Till we meet again, stay blessed.

Andile C. Ngqoyiya (Mr.)

The Municipal Manager