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View Point by the Municipal Manager

                          Warm greetings to Umzimkhulu people


It is always motivational to be part of such a transitional period especially in the educator sector. Through fruitful engagements, over the years, with the municipality during IDP Outreach Programmes and other prestigious Government engagements the community of Ward 1 (Indawana Village) recently benefited. The building of Indawana Senior Secondary School and its formal handover to its beneficiaries, proved the commitment of Government towards dignifying education. The cost of this school is 36million, it is one of the modern design schools. We would like to express words of gratitude to the community of Ward 1 especially the House of Traditional Leaders for being patient with the processes throughout the project.   .          


As a municipality, we support every stakeholder to express its views whenever they feel that there are service delivery transgression caused by Government, Umzimkhulu Municipality in particular.  On the same breathe, we would like to caution the community of this rural based municipality to respect engagements processes. We also caution our beloved community members and stakeholders to be alert of opportunistic and faceless individuals who would calculatively misinform them of the processes and what is yet happen. Till thus far, Umzimkhulu had awarded for the best performing municipality throughout KwaZulu-Natal due to the fruitful engagements with its communities that has always bared fruits, we collaboratively need to embrace that.  We would like to take this opportunity to call upon the stakeholders and the general community members of Umzimkhulu not to demolish nor destroy what had been already been built through their engagements while pursuing other service delivery issues because that is indeed reversing of almost all the gains and will never make sense.



Lastly, we have observed that our communities and stakeholders are playing a critical role on preventing disasters in our communities. In partnership with the Traditional Leaders and Umzimkhulu Private Farmers Association, a lot had been achieved but there are few individuals who irresponsibly and illegally do not take care of our grazing land by exercising illegal fire. We therefore who like to reprimand such people by reminding them that any fire exercise should be reported to the  Ward Committees, Councillors and Traditional House of Leaders, in their respective villages. 

Till we meet again on the same platform.

Thank you




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