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Guiding Principles: The uMzimkhulu Municipalities Outdoor Advertising policy, 2010

The guiding principles of the outdoor advertising policy are as follows:

  • The policy for outdoor advertising is driven, not by revenue imperatives, but by town’s/city’s development imperatives. Therefore, in its implementation, it will be clear that outdoor hoardings are permitted only if they are not a road safety hazard or if they support the town’s/city’s public-service development and enhance its aesthetics.
  • The policy will explicitly work to discourage visual clutter. This will be done by increasing the space between the billboards and in restricting large billboards to select areas of the town/city, like its commercial hubs.
  • The policy is designed to ensure that outdoor advertising is not hazardous to traffic. It will assume that there is a significant correlation between road safety and distraction because of road side billboards, visible to the drivers. This will be done by allowing large size billboards only after significant distance from the traffic junctions and intersections by providing significant space between the two billboards on roads, by completely banning billboards on pedestrian walkways and in placing billboards at significant distance from the right of way of any road.
  • The policy will actively promote the large size billboards in commercial areas (defined as the town CBD, district centre/sub central business districts, community centres/local shopping centre/convenience shopping centres of the municipality. In this case, the municipality will work to maximize the revenue gains which can be used for municipal development.
  • The policy will promote the use of advertising in what is commonly known as street furniture. These are devices placed on public service amenities of the municipality like public seating, bus shelters, street poles, public toilets, illuminated street name indicators and litter bins, to name a few. This is done to improve the revenue viability of these public provisions. But it will be noted that the use of advertising space is not the primary function of the utility, it is its supporting function. Therefore, the municipality will ensure that the placement of the public utility is done keeping in mind its public purpose, not its advertising viability. In addition, the agency will ensure that the primary function of the ‘street furniture’ is being maintained and if not then suitable punitive action must be taken against the advertising concessionaire.
  • The policy is judicious in ensuring that there is a differentiation between the use of commercial advertising and private advertising, where signage is used to identify the location of the owner of the building or the space within the building. The policy will do this by laying down clear lists of what is allowed and what is completely disallowed to guide members of the public.

The General Permission criteria used in the evaluation of any application for a sign is detailed within the uMzimkhulu Signs Bylaws.

The permission criteria for the display of advertising devices are intended to ensure that a high level of safety for road users is maintained and traffic efficiency is assured as well as the protection of the aesthetic well being of the area.

Examples of the criteria considered in the approval of any sign are as follows but not limited to: • Content;

• Position;

• Saturation; • Size;

• Manufacturing specifications;

• Luminescence.

There are certain areas where advertising may be inappropriate due to the nature of the surrounding area. Under this policy advertising will not be allowed in the following areas:-

• National parks, district forests and water bodies in it.

• Historical monuments, cremation grounds, graveyards and ruins

• World heritage areas • Areas classified as remnant endangered regional ecosystems.

• All religious places like Temple, Mosque, church etc.

Exceptions to the above restrictions may apply in special circumstances. For example for tourist service accommodation businesses, advertising devices may be permitted as part of a regional tourist plan. In rare and exceptional circumstances applications would be considered on a case-by-case basis by the authorities.


Procedure for grant of permission

The bylaws and policy shall apply to all the municipal areas in the uMzimkhulu Municipality.

Permission to put up advertisement in municipally or privately owned land shall be granted by the submission of an application form accompanied by the relative tariff in the manner prescribed by the uMzimkhulu Outdoor Advertising Policy.

Revenue and Fees:-

The application and/or annual rental fees are prescribed in terms of the uMzimkhulu Schedule of Tariffs and Charges and revised on an annual basis effective 1st July in any particular year.

Application fees and Annual rentals are to be deposited to the following account:

Umzimkhulu Municipality


ACCOUNT NO – 52 555 7309 13


BRANCH NO. 220223

The following must be listed as a reference when making deposit. VOTE No. 060 100 (Department 800) followed by the Applicants name.


The uMzimkhulu Municipal contact details for any signage related query are as follows:

Mr. Mpumi Mbali, Signage Control Officer

Strategic Planning and Housing Department

Umzimkhulu Municipality

Tel: (039) 259 5000

Fax: (039) 259 0427

Cell: (072) 8830990

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Applications may be lodged by e-Mail, fax, hand delivery or by registered post.)

KZN Provincial Roads

The uMzimkhulu Municipal area is bisected by numerous KZN Provincial roads and any approvals gained that have a Provincial Road implication will be given subject to the approval of the KZN Department of Transport.

The KZN Department of Transport contact details for any signage related query are as follows:

Mr. W.J. Gorny, Chief Engineer: Transportation Engineering Sub-Directorate

Telephone number: 033-355-0550

Cellphone number: 082-805-5800

Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DOCUMENTATION FOR DOWNLOAD The following documents may be downloaded in Pdf. Format

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