Local Economic Development (LED) is seen as one of the most important ways of decreasing poverty hence it aims to create jobs while growing the local economy. This means that more businesses and factories should be started in the municipal area. As part of the IDP, communities are encouraged to come together to reach significant agreements and take decisions to make the economy grow and further create sustainable income for themselves. This togetherness is called co-operatives. The factual reality is that there are always opportunities for determined people or groups to tap into without dependency syndrome.

The concept of Co-operatives has to extent financially relieved numerous community members though some could not survive due to numerous reasons. SIZONQOBA TEXTILE COOPERATIVE was given birth to by committed and skilled individuals, about 7 years ago. It focuses on sewing and consists of 5 members though it was started with 17 members. As part of its commitment towards local economic development Umzimkhulu Municipality, in partnership with National Development Agency and Harry Gwala District Municipality funded this cooperative with eloquent machinery enough for them to travel these years. They now have an embroidery machine (BOUGHT FOR R150 000-00) and 10 flat machines (R3500 -00 each).

Due to its commitment, discipline and customer care drive SIZONQOBA TEXTILE COOPERATIVE has gained popularity within Umzimkhulu. Amongst its loyal customers this cooperative has 20 churches and 15 schools. In 2014, they fruitfully supplied Umzimkhulu Municipality with tracksuits for the prestigious sport annual tournament known as KZN SALGA.